Dorian & Smiley's invitation to the dance floor

Dorian makes you leave your inhibitions aside and listen to “Sexual”, his new single featuring Smiley.

” ‘Sexual’ is a song with an experimental unique sound. Combining elements of dub, dance-hall and electronic music, its target is the dance floor. The song is written by Andrei ‘RURD’ Mihai and working on it with Smiley makes this musical experiment a statement with great potential.”, said Dorian.

HaHaHa Production celebrates May with music and passion. Dorian’s new single feat. Smiley  is the tenth track released during this musical marathon which started on May 1st. That leaves 21 new songs that you’ll be able to watch on our YouTube channel[]. At the end, all 31 musical productions will be available on the compilation #maimusic.

Do you want to see Smiley at one of your events?

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